Salma's Strategic Objectives

1. Developing special legislation for protecting women from violence pursuant to the International Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women, in order to cancel reservations on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, and enacting new national laws to be included in the convention's principles.

2. Creating solidarity among feminist organizations and the civil community organizations in the Arab world, with the aim of facing up to violence against women, and being able to protect the network's members and to empower all kinds of solidarity and exchange of expertise for the good of the women of this region.

3. Expanding and diversifying the civil community organizations which reject all kinds of violence against women, and developing programs to fight against such violence.

4. Implementing the necessary policies and formal processes, and advocating national plans and strategies to eliminate violence against women, and bring about a change in the patriarchal culture prevailing in the Arab world.

5. Raising the voice of the network and the partner organizations at Arab and international levels, especially on the committees working with the Arab League and the UN; and developing the beneficial and effective use of international mechanisms for protecting women from violence, including reports on violence against women.

6. The network seeks to change the patterns of thought and the patriarchal culture prevailing in our communities, regarding violence against women.

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