Salma's Vision

Salma's vision is to ensure a decent life without any form of gender-based violence for all women in Arab countries, and to help women to fulfill their ambitions and aspirations. We are aware that we cannot achieve all that without attaining independence, democracy, equality and social justice in the Arab countries, where all citizens can feel secure, which will provide democracy, equality, social and gender justice for all their citizens in general and for women specifically, regardless of religion, gender, color, belief, or social status. We dream of a region based on secularism, where the state is separatd from religion. All that is a basic condition for eliminating all kinds of violence against women.

Annual library

جرائم خرجت من نطاق تطبيق المادة 308

التعديل الحكومي على المادة 308/عقوبات يعرض الفتيات والفتيان الأشد حاجة للحماية لمخاطر جمة